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Contact Persons


Contact Persons


Contact Persons

Contact Persons

NameContact for
Mr. Anil Sharma (M.D)
Mobile: +(91)-9810797299
[email protected]
Mr. Aseem Sharma (CEO)
Mobile: +(91)-9811796968
[email protected]
New Business Development, Service Feedback,Ticketing / Tour Packages, Attestation and Legalization etc.
Mr. Karan Sharma
Mobile: +(91)-9899916699
[email protected]
New Business Development , Ticketing / Tour Packages
Mr. Kartik Sharma
Mobile: +(91)-9810211095
[email protected]
Ticketing / Tour Packages
Mr. Ashish Tyagi
Mobile: +(91)-7290963943
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 209
Mr. Amit Rastogi
Mobile: +(91)-8130681155
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 230
Brunei darussalam, Belgium, Angola, Burkina, Columbia, Vietnam, Croatia
Mr. Harmeet Singh
Mobile: +(91)-9871002982
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 205
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Kenya, Rwanda
Mr. Mahesh Kumar
Mobile: +(91)-8800395360
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 208
Gambia, Japan, Ivory coast, Philippines, Mozambique, Portugal, Zambia
Mr. Sameer Aggarwal
Mobile: +(91)-9958096655
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 207
Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Romania, Iraq, Iran, Libya
Ms. Priti
Mobile: +(91)-7669681499
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 213
Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Ghana, United states of america, Hungary, Finland, Mongolia, United kingdom, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Belarus
Mr. Saurabh Pathak
Mobile: +(91)-8800717937
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 233
Turkey, Israel, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Cuba, France, Kazakistan, Sweden, Madagascar, South africa, Burundi
Ms. Rama Muthupandi
Mobile: +(91)-8800395446
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 203
Djibouti, Laos p. d. r., Morocco, Switzerland, Montenegro, Nigeria, Slovenia, Uganda, Djibouti
Mr. Sushil Kumar
Mobile: +(91)-8800395359
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 210
Argentina, Benin, Cambodia, Chile, Congo, Costa rica, Cyprus, Malawi, Mexico, Niger, Saudi arabia, Spain, Tunisia, Vatican city, Republic of congo, Dominican republic, Botswana, Algeria
Mr. Hardeep
Mobile: +(91)-7669680900
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext.
Italy, Paraguay, Macedonia, Panama, Lithuania
Mr. Diwan Singh
Mobile: +(91)-8800395358
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 202
Czech, Indonesia, Poland, South korea, Namibia, Peru, Norway, Slovak, Greece
Mr. Ishwar Pandi
Mobile: +(91)-7290963953
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 218
Canada, Australia, Png, Ireland, New zealand, Armenia, Azerbaijan, United kingdom, United states of america
Mr. Harish
Mobile: +(91)-8800395449
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 224
Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Uae
Mr. Sandeep Marwah
Mobile: +(91)-8130681188
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext. 228
Head Accounts.
Mr. Rohit Verma
Mobile: +(91)-7669031314
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext.
China, Surinam, Denmark, Jordan
Mr. Rakesh Singh
Mobile: +(91)-7669681500
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext.
Sri lanka, Iceland, China, India, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, Turkministan, Nepal, Ukraine, Latvia, Gabon
Mr. Rohit Gupta
Mobile: +(91)-7669205347
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext.
Chad, South sudan, Sudan, Lesotho, Mali, Venezuela
Mr. Dipak Sharma
Mobile: +(91)-8287148825
[email protected]
Phone: +91-11-41199100 Ext.
Lebanon, Serbia, Hongkong
ICICI Bank:- 072205000464
Pahar Ganj Branch, New Delhi.
(After depositing the money please fax/email us the pay-in-slip)

Ticketing & Tour Packages

Mr. Kartik Sharma

Mr. Karan Sharma

Mr. Aseem Sharma

New Business Development

Mr. Karan Sharma

Travel Insurance

Mr. Harish


Mr. Aseem Sharma (CEO)


Mr. Ashish Tyagi

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We simplify the visa process with expert facilitation for all countries with representation in India.
We specialise in document attestation & legalisation for global acceptance, covering commercial and non-commercial documents.
Expert team guides stress-free visa process, personalised assistance for seamless journey, from documentation to airport support.
Jetsave India Tours offers seamless global travel with paperless visa process—online forms, efficient, user-friendly, tailored.
Get top-notch visa support with our Onsite Support & Implant service, offering skilled executives for efficient processes.
Jetsave India Tours simplifies Indian travel with expert E-Visa facilitation for seamless online application, hassle-free journeys.
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International wonders, tailored for you.

Explore tailor-made global adventures with meticulously designed tour packages, ensuring extraordinary journeys to diverse destinations.

Jetsave India Tours offers immersive sightseeing, capturing iconic landmarks and hidden gems for unforgettable journeys.

We ensure seamless travel, offering stress-free domestic and international flights with best ticket options.

Jetsave India Tours offers curated luxury accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable stay tailored to preferences.

Jetsave India Tours offers hassle-free bookings for scenic rail journeys, adding nostalgic charm to travel.

Our team offers extraordinary cruises, luxurious cabins, gourmet dining, redefining opulent travel on high seas.

Secure international travel with our direct partnerships, providing tailored coverage for Embassies/Consulates requirements.

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